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How To Buy NFTs with XRP on Sologenic

How To Buy NFTs with XRP on Sologenic - unchained elephants

One of the most common questions we hear from NOOBS, and a legit one too, is “How do I buy an NFT with XRP?” Anyone who knows how will simply answer you with the blunt, “Buying an NFT art is as simple as choosing an art / project you like and press buy”. But the truth is that not all of us know how, right? To make it easier, we decided to write a blog with a guide on how you can buy an NFT with XRP. Some of the steps include what you should do and know before buying on the XRPL blockchain, what you’ll need, and the step-by-step guide on how to make the purchase. First thing first, is to DYOR (do your own research), like any investment opportunity you should find out what the project is all about. Things like who is behind the project, what are the purposes/causes, what is the use case (if any), and which platform their art will be minted on. And lastly, to complete your DYOR, we can not stress it enough: MAKE SURE you check on their OFFICIAL website to get the official links on where to buy. There are so many copycats out there, it is very very important to triple-check.