How NFTs Are Changing The World & A List Of Social Impact Projects

NFT has quickly risen over the past two years and they aren’t just a way of selling digital art, music or video, they are changing the dynamics for creators where they can sell their work directly to consumers, keeping the copyrights and enabling them to receive royalties every time that piece of artwork sells in the secondary market. But how are NFTs changing the world? This function of royalties enables NFT art projects that are aiming to change and support worthy causes to make the world for the better in a sustainable manner, leaving a long term impact.

With an aim to develop cause driven communities by bringing awareness to the people in a particular society. Some of these NFT projects gained popularity and support among various crypto communities which in return helped the growth of the entire ideology. For us one of the more exciting developments in the NFT space, is the purposeful social impact projects that have arisen. With more and more NFT projects being developed to both generate awareness and raise funds to support many important social causes and have been. In this blog, we will discuss how NFTs are changing the world. As well as demonstrate ten inspiring use cases of NFT for a cause, projects that are disrupting the social impact sector all over the world.

How are NFTs changing the world?

The power of crypto and blockchain is contributing to social good. The move away from centralized banking and the rise of NFTs has orchestrated a shift in how we regard our social responsibilities, and is altering our perception of sustainability. The industry has become aware that NFT ownership can be a force for good as utilities can be applied to positive social and ecological projects. In increasing awareness of social issues, and enabling the raising of funds in this new and egalitarian manner, crypto and blockchain have shown their true colors.


The emergence of NFTs and decentralized communities has also led to a new way of thinking about social responsibility and sustainability. Here we look at ten visionary and inspiring examples of this idea in practice. NFT projects which have singled themselves out as being the most inspiring use of the technology to not only provide utility to its holder/buyer but can also be an instrument to impact the world for the better.

So without further ado, let’s check out which are the NFTfor a cause projects:

Disclaimer:  Please note that the list is not in any particular order and it is not financial advice by any means so please DYOR (do your own research) before supporting them.


World’s First NFT That Is Designed To Help People With Addiction

PIXXTASY is a charity establishment for drug prevention and rehabilitation. It is totally redefining the NFT market by its core value and royalties. The institution is planning to sell 399 limited edition NFTs and use the funds to support charities engaged in anti – drug campaigns and drug recovery programs around the world. The entire NFT organization operates under the taglines “BE A HEALER” and “DON’T USE. JUST OWN IT”. The aim of the brand is to leverage blockchain technology to transform lives and raise more than $1 million globally.

2. Unchained Elephants

NFT Project For A Cause Rescuing Captive Elephants and Raising Awareness for Travelers, Striking Ride an Elephant off the Bucket List.

Unchained Elephants NFT art project has a very specific goal in mind; to release captive elephants from their chains and release them into ethical sanctuaries where they will be  free to roam. This is done not just by raising money but by raising awareness through their travel club to inform and educate people about the plight of captive elephants, the utilities of this NFT project include visits to one of these ethical sanctuaries to see first hand the work which is being undertaken. The project has a release of 9,999 unique NFTs designed by an Ecuadorian artist.


3. Women Rise

Advocating For Social Justice Including Women’s Rights, Gender Equality, Girl’s Education And Fighting For The Marginalised Communities

Women Rise NFT is an impressive collection of 10,000 unique pieces of art, as diverse and varied as the women they represent from all corners of the globe. It celebrates the incredible talents of women activists and artists, scientists and coders all of whom are striving within their individual field to make the world a better place, not only does this improve the current NFT space by holding a light up to diversity and equality, but it helps to encourages the next generation coming through to feel confident to be whatever they choose. All pieces are created by Maliha Abidi, an artist who advocates for women’s rights, gender equality, and girl’s education.

4. Not Your Bro

An NFT Project Dedicated To Supporting Various Women-Led NGOs and Communities.

Not Your Bro are advocates of equality and empowerment, they are building up a community of like-minded people to encourage more women into the Web 3.0 space in order for it to be representative of the actual social demographic.

Their ethos is that women should be present in every aspect of the realm, in tech, in NFTs, in blockchain. Not only this but 10% of their royalties from the NFT mint will be donated to charities supporting Women.

5. Wild Stag Treehouse

An NFT Project Dedicated To Oppose Deforestation and Preserve WildLife

Wild Stag Treehouse has partnered up with One Tree Planted Organization, a non profit institution, whose primary focus is on deforestation. This NFT project aims to plant more trees, building treehouses, while being sustainable and exposurable to the NFT community.

Wild Stag Treehouse NFT collection consists of 10,000 unique stags that are based on Ethereum blockchain and are being auctioned on OpenSea marketplace.

6. Change Dao

Redefining Incentives And Scale Human Coordination Around New Ideas Of Resources And The Systems They Comprise

Change Dao recognises the importance of the opportunity NFTs have to be a force for change. Built on the ethereum blockchain, they’re impacting at a grass roots level globally, having created the “Triple P NFT” model in which every digital asset benefits multiple stakeholders: people, planet, profit.

In addition to supporting several worthy causes, they are also striving to lessen their environmental impact by reducing energy consumption and offsetting their carbon use in minting NFTs.

7. Impact

An NFT Project Designed To Help With The Needs Of BIPOC Breast Cancer Survivors Who Are Disproportionately Impacted By Breast Cancer.

Impact are definitely making one by donating a very impressive 95% of funds raised to charity. Their goal is to make philanthropy part and parcel of what web 3.0 is all about. They are primarily a vehicle to enable charitable donations via cryptocurrencies, issuing commemorative NFTs as a token of thanks from each respective charity.

Their recent work with Keep a Breast Foundation, a charity that supports BIPOC breast cancer survivors, saw an issue of the sale of “I love boobies!” NFTs, the proceeds of which funded $500 “Give Back Grants” to survivors.

8. Honey Badges

An NFT Project Designed To Fund Change-Makers And Be The Key To An Impact-Driven Global Community

Honey Badges is a project to raise funds to fight for change through the sale of NFTs. These funds, overseen by a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), are to be passed on in the form of grants to those fighting against inequality, fighting for basic human rights and decent living conditions for all with a global reach.

9. KRebels

An Avant-Garde NFT Project Focusing On The Intersection Of Cutting-Edge Technology, Art And Saving The Endangered Koalas.

KRebels has one aim, to raise awareness of the plight of the koalas. They offer a collection of 9,999 koala related NFTs, a percentage of the proceeds of which will go towards charities which are attempting to pull the animals back from the brink of extinction.

10. Mom I’d Like To Mint

Donating To Women Based Charitable Causes/Organizations And Help Combat Global Climate Change By Helping Reduce The Global Carbon Footprint.

MILM (Mom I’d Like To Mint) is here to help moms get onboard with NFTs with its Suga Mama Fund, it donates to women’s charities while keeping one eye firmly on its responsibility to help combat the global climate catastrophe by keeping its carbon footprint as minimal as possible.

With 50% of its minting sales profits being invested in female projects, artists and creators, they pride themselves in empowering women from within the community.

We All Want To Be A Part Of Something Bigger Than Ourselves

As we blinked our way out of the global pandemic and national and international lockdowns, the need for human connection was immense. Although decentralized currencies can be unstable, NFTs and the communities which have built up around them are robust, the real connections built up through some tough times are resilient, virtual maybe but very human nonetheless.

The comerardery within the community is one of open-mindedness and congeniality, people may have different reasons for being on board but they are all in the same boat. It’s not just an interest in NFTs which keeps people interested but a feeling of belonging and community which makes them feel part of something bigger than themselves…

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