Expanding Compassionate Care for Elderly Elephants

Unchained Elephants Partners with Somboon Legacy Foundation to Rescue Kham Phaeng The Elephant

Kanchanaburi, Thailand – Unchained Elephants, a trailblazer in elephant welfare, has joined forces with Somboon Legacy Foundation to embark on a transformative mission to rescue Kham Phaeng, an elderly female elephant in need of a forever home. Situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of Kanchanaburi, Somboon Legacy Foundation is renowned for its commitment to providing a loving sanctuary for elderly elephants.

A Sanctuary Built on Compassion

Somboon Legacy Foundation is currently home to two elderly elephant ladies, embodying their dedication to the welfare and well-being of these majestic creatures. However, the sanctuary recognizes the importance of companionship and support, particularly for elderly elephants facing unforeseen challenges in their lives.

Joining Hands for Elephant Conservation

In an inspiring display of collaboration, Unchained Elephants and Somboon Legacy Foundation have united to rescue Kham Phaeng, offering her the opportunity for a new beginning in a safe and nurturing environment. Together, they aim to expand the sanctuary’s caring arms and provide essential support for Kham Phaeng and her newfound companions.

A Call to Action for Elephant Welfare In Thailand

Join Unchained Elephants and Somboon Legacy Foundation on Kham Phaeng’s incredible journey to freedom by supporting her rescue. Your donation to the crowdfunding campaign ensures that 100% of the proceeds directly contribute to Kham Phaeng’s rescue and ongoing care. Every contribution, no matter the amount, makes a meaningful difference in Kham Phaeng’s life and the lives of elephants like her.

Together, We Make a Difference

Be a part of this worthy cause and help create a brighter future for Kham Phaeng and elephants in need. Your support is vital in ensuring the well-being and protection of these amazing creatures. Join us in making a positive impact and donate now to support Kham Phaeng’s journey to a safe and loving forever home.

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