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Ethical travel (or responsible travel) entails being aware of the effects that tourism has on the environment, animals, and people. Having the opportunity to have an authentic cultural experience, as well as traveling ethically, contributes to the preservation of pristine places to visit. Ethical travel doesn’t necessary mean giving up all the convenience one would look for in travel. Instead it means to choose to invest in accommodations run by locals instead of big hotel chains. Here you will find everything you need and will want to know about Ethical travel.

Unchained Elephants & Somboon Legacy: Collaborating for Elephant Welfare

Be a part of this worthy cause and help create a brighter future for Kham Phaeng and elephants in need. Your support is vital in ensuring the well-being and protection of these amazing creatures. Join us in making a positive impact and donate now to support Kham Phaeng’s journey to a safe and loving forever home.